7 Day Whole Food Plant Based No Oil Reset

November 26, 2017

7 Day Whole Food, Plant Based, No Oil, No Alcohol, No added Salt or added Sugar RESET!


So, the holidays are here. Thanksgiving is normally the entry into a 5 pound holiday weight gain for many of us, as less than healthy eating habits snowball during the rest of the December Holidays.

I will not be the one to tell you to deprive yourself during holiday get togethers, throughout this beautiful time of year!

But now that Thanksgiving weekend is over, how about trying a plant based clean eating reset, which will help you to lose weight, de-bloat, clear your skin, give you more energy and feel GREAT!?

(By the way, all of the following pictures included are from my grocery trips, so you can see what I normally purchase!)

For 7 days the basic goals are:

1. Eat as many plants/veggies from the ground as possible: not processed! Straight from the produce section of the grocery store. The more color, the better! Use this week as an opportunity to try different veggies you otherwise would have skipped at the grocery store.

2. Eat at least 1 cup of legumes per day. Although I prefer to buy my beans dry and boil them myself, you CAN eat canned beans, just make sure they have NO added sodium! Rinse them well!

3. Eat at least 2-3 serving of fresh fruit (not canned, not processed, remember to emphasize straight from the produce section) with NO added sugar.

4. Remove all processed breads, and substitute with bean pastas (explore cuisine is my favorite brand!) and complex grains, like quinoa, oats and barley

5. Prepare your meals at home with NO oil.

One of the best ways to bake/roast with no oil is to use parchment paper!  Placing parchment paper on your baking sheet allows your veggies to crisp perfectly, without sticking to the pan!


6. Do not add any salt to your meals!

My favorite way to avoid using salt?  Try these alternatives:

Braggs nutritional yeast gives your food a cheesy, tasty flavor

Red/black pepper

Add garlic, onion, curry mixes

The more flavors you add, the less you will miss salt!

7. Drink at least 64 fluid ounces of water per day. We should all aim for this, always.


8. NO alcohol! You can do it for 7 days


9. Tempeh, Tofu, and Seitan, are all additional plant based proteins to add to your meals this week!

I often try to save vegan “meat substitutes” for rare occasions, as they are processed and often have a lot of added sodium, so avoid them for this weeks reset.


Also – nuts and nut butters are OK for the week, just remember to keep them in moderation!


Stay tuned for more of my favorite recipes, plant based diet blogs and books!


*As a physician, I have to make the obligatory safety statement: when trying a new diet (especially if you are on specific medications like Coumadin) you should always check with your doctor before changing your diet drastically.

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  1. Congratulations- this is a great blog and start to the page. 💚 I like how you use your own photos, it makes it all the more relatable
    Food is the best medicine 👌🏽 awesome to find a doctor who understands this and is spreading the word. Thank you

  2. This is incredible. We need more doctors, especially Cardiologists -that focus on lifestyle change, rather than just prescriptions. Thanks for paving the way and doing justice for your patients.

  3. I am a 78 yrs and been diagnosed with A-Fib. I have been whole food/ plant based for three yrs. Having had a hemorrhagic stroke in 2006, I am not a candidate for treatments /procedures recurring anticoagulants. Do you know of an cardiac electro-physiologist who subscribs to a whole food/plant based diet?

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